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When you think of professional development, you think training programs. You think they’re going to teach you to be a professional. But the reality is that it can be much more than that. A lot of times, training programs are really just a tool for getting people to work at a company, but there are a lot of things that go into making it a good program. So in this post, we’re going see how to train people to be great at everything from coding to software engineering. The

will start with an overview of what training programs actually are and the types of things they can teach you, and then jump into how to use them to get better at everything you do.We’ll go through the most common types of training programs, explain how to do them, and give you a list of […]

The New College Football Playoff Rankings: Which Schools Should Be in the Playoff?

New college football conferences are in a state of upheaval, but the playoff system isn’t.The playoff committee, which includes coaches and the presidents of each conference, has yet to decide which schools should participate.The current rankings, compiled by ESPN, were released Tuesday night and the committee will release its own rankings later this week.The committee’s […]

What the U.S. Soccer team learned from a training camp in Germany

The U.N. training camp for the U-17 national team featured the U18 team’s first training session at the Wohnsee stadium in Frankfurt.The U-19s and U-20s were there, too.The training session started with a quick round of soccer drills, followed by a team photo.The boys then worked out on the grass, the U20s playing against the […]

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