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What the U.S. Soccer team learned from a training camp in Germany

The U.N. training camp for the U-17 national team featured the U18 team’s first training session at the Wohnsee stadium in Frankfurt.The U-19s and U-20s were there, too.The training session started with a quick round of soccer drills, followed by a team photo.The boys then worked out on the grass, the U20s playing against the […]

Lync: The Lync is a Massage Therapist

Lync, a Toronto-based company that specializes in massage therapy, has announced that it has entered into a partnership with the National Association of Massage Therapy Therapists (NAMST) and the Canadian Society of Massages to develop a new, comprehensive curriculum for massage therapists.The partnership is an effort to bring more massage therapists in to the fold.“It’s […]

How to Avoid Being Stuck in an Audatex Training Class

You’re not in an audatext training class.You’re on the other side of a door.The doors are locked.You’ve been stuck for a while.You have to go back.It’s the most uncomfortable experience you’ll ever have.But that’s not why you’re in the audatexp training class—you have a legitimate need to learn more about what you’re supposed to do […]

ABC, Graco trainers and pokemon trainers teach a class in the middle of a storm

A group of Graco and ABC trainers were preparing to do a Pokemon trainer training class in a storm.A video of the two trainers discussing how to get their pokemon to run into a tree has been shared on social media.Graco trainers are known for their training methods that can be hard to follow, but […]

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