A new $10 million video training program aims to boost tech innovation and drive growth in the US workforce

As part of its $10M Video Training Initiative, Google announced it would be working with companies to train and retrain employees for jobs that require video-based knowledge.

The initiative will be funded through a new $5 million Google Venture Fund, which Google said it has a long history of investing in companies that provide training to employees.

In 2016, the Google Ventures fund invested in the company VideoOn, a video technology startup.

The fund also recently invested in Udemy, a website that provides online courses on the field of robotics, to expand access to STEM training for STEM students.

The company has been looking to ramp up its video training efforts, which have been growing in recent years.

In March, Google Ventures announced that it was spending $1.1 million to launch the company’s new video training initiative.

The funding is part of a larger $10.6 million investment Google made in the video industry in 2016, according to the company.

The announcement follows the introduction of a $2 million video-training program by Google Ventures in 2016.

In September, Google launched a new series of videos that give more of an introduction to video technologies, and it recently launched a program called the Google Video School, which focuses on training workers in video editing.

Google has been investing in video training since the beginning, but it has traditionally focused on helping companies find and hire top talent in the field.

Google Ventures also announced a $5.6M round of funding in 2015 for the company to expand its efforts in the space.

Google’s first video training project is part the companys new effort to help companies improve their skills and find better ways to train people.

The new program, dubbed the Video Education Initiative, will provide students with training and mentorship from a group of top tech companies that include Google, LinkedIn, and Adobe.

It will also help companies build video training programs to help their employees learn from and become better at their jobs.

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