When the NHL trades off some of its star players, how to make sure the team remains the best

When the New York Rangers traded the rights to center Henrik Lundqvist to the New Jersey Devils, it was an easy one to understand: The Rangers were going to get better.

It was a logical move, especially for a team that struggled to find its footing in the Western Conference.

But there were some questions about how the deal would impact the team’s future.

And while the Devils were able to add a young core of defensemen in Noah Hanifin and Travis Hamonic, the Rangers were still in need of help up front.

The Rangers need help up-front, too.

They are looking for a young defenseman who can fill a void in the bottom-six.

That’s where coach Alain Vigneault and the Rangers will have to find a way to get more value in return for Lundqvists services.

How much do the Rangers need to get back in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Let’s break down how the trade impacts the team in five key areas: The trade’s immediate impact On paper, the trade doesn’t really change much about the Rangers’ future plans, as they already have a top-six defenseman in Hanifan and a top prospect in Travis Hamony, both of whom can play on the right side of the blueline.

But that could change quickly, depending on how the team performs.

What it does mean, however, is that the team needs to improve.

Lundqvism’s departure from New York will have an impact on the team down the road, but it’s a different one than the one it will have if Lundqvies name is traded.

With him gone, the team will need to find more talent at the bottom of the lineup, which means adding a veteran defenseman.

The trade also could open up some holes in the roster, which could hurt their playoff chances.

If the Rangers can’t find any more quality depth on the blue line, they could be in trouble.

They could also lose a quality player.

The roster is stacked with talented players, but the Rangers have to be smart about where they spend their cap space.

With the expansion draft coming up, it’s imperative that the club find some extra cap room, so they can spend more on prospects and draft picks.

How they will use Lundqvics salary The team is likely going to have to use some of the $4.5 million he’ll be getting in the next two seasons.

The New York Times reported earlier this week that the Rangers are going to be using a salary cap of $9 million for the 2017-18 season.

That figure is far lower than what the Devils and Rangers had in their existing contracts, but is a good starting point to start thinking about the future of Lundqvistic’s contract.

With his salary, the Blueshirts can only do so much, and the team must balance the cap with an expectation that the goalie can provide a steady and reliable backstop.

The Bluesharks salary is set to become an even bigger factor in the playoffs if Lundquist’s name is dealt.

Lundquist will get a raise of around $3 million for next season, but he’ll likely get a slightly bigger deal than the Devils or Rangers.

The deal could give the Blueshirt a chance to add to their blue line while Lundqvys contract is up, and it would be a sign that they have the pieces to compete for a playoff spot in the coming seasons.

Lundy has been the team captain since the end of last season, and this would be his last chance to lead the Blueshrirts to a Stanley Cup.

That would give him the best chance at winning the Vezina Trophy, which he won in 2011.

Lundstrom will have the opportunity to do that this season as well, and if he keeps up the performance, it might be worth the risk.

How to evaluate the Rangers prospects After getting him for nothing, Lundqvis deal gives the Blueshpitals the opportunity for another young defenseman in the draft.

But, if he does not make the NHL roster, the chances of finding a top defenseman in this year’s draft are slim.

This year’s crop of players in the first round are all prospects, which makes it easier to evaluate.

This is the most difficult spot to evaluate, since the Rangers don’t have any players in their system that can compete for NHL jobs right now.

But if they’re lucky, they might find one or two who can compete at the next level, which will give them a bit of an edge.

If not, they can just look at the results of the 2016-17 season.

If you think the Rangers had the best prospects this season, you should start looking at the players that were left off the team.

The players who were left on the roster included Alex Tuch and Alexei Kovalev, both who have been in the system for quite some time.

Tuch played in

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