How to create a video training app with Facebook’s FB Training Platform

Facebook is rolling out a new way to train its users for its upcoming augmented reality training platform, FB Training, which will enable users to create personalized videos to teach themselves about how to operate the new device.

As part of the platform’s launch, Facebook is bringing Facebook Training to all of its devices and platforms, including desktop and mobile platforms.

Facebook’s new training app is available now on the Facebook Training platform, and you can download the app for free.

As a preview of the app, you can check out a short video in which an employee in the U.K. introduces the app to her students:The video is a demo of how users will be able to set up training programs with FB Training:This demo was designed for a small number of users, and only includes a small subset of the features that users will get when they purchase FB Training.

In addition, the demo includes some general video content that is not part of FB Training and does not qualify as training, such as music and animations.

In the video, you’ll also see a few features that are not part in FB Training or which are available in other products like the FB Mobile Training app:The app’s main focus is on creating training videos.

Training videos are essentially informational videos about how the product works.

Facebook has designed the app so that users can choose from a range of training programs, and it provides an option to have a training video automatically generated after viewing the training video.

In this video, for example, you have to choose the type of training program you want, and then the content you want to have in the training.

This means that users could select from a variety of types of training videos:Training videos also offer a wide variety of options for video content.

Some are for video tutorials, others are for short clips, and some are for full-length videos.

The training video templates are customizable, allowing you to create videos that look like your existing training videos or videos created with Facebook.

Here’s a look at how training videos are created in the app:In addition to providing training videos, the FB Training app will also include a training page that lets you set a variety in-app settings for training videos as well as add custom training videos for training purposes.

Training pages can be created on mobile devices, tablets, and PCs, and they can be easily shared to social media or shared to Facebook.

Facebook also offers a training tool called “Training Mode,” which is a small list of training options that users have to select from.

Training mode is a great way to start learning, but it’s not available in the FB training app yet.

In addition, you get a list of videos that you can add to the training page.

Here are some examples of training page content:You can add video training videos to the Training page by adding videos to training templates and training options, and by creating a custom training template.

Training options include the following:Video training templates have multiple options to choose from:You select a training option for training.

Here, you select a Training Video option, which has three options:A video option has one option that has video options for the entire video, or two options that have video options only for the portion of the video that the user is training for.

There are also two options to add video options that are part of a training sequence:There are six different training templates for training video training:For training videos that have only video options, users can add training video options in one of the templates.

For example, in the video template, users might choose the “Video Option” option for “Video Options” to make training videos in that video more customizable.

For training video videos that only have video templates, users select the “Training Template” option in the Training Video Template template to add training videos with video options.

For video training video content, you might also add video content options to the video content template:For videos that are video training training, there are also a number of video training options available for training content, and for videos that aren’t video training, users may choose video training templates to create training videos based on the content options in the template.

For a training template that includes a video, training video, and video training template, you will be shown a list that includes all training options.

You can click the “Add Training Video” button in the left pane to add a video to the template:There’s no way to create or edit training videos at this time.

Training templates are created and edited on your device, so users can customize their training videos and customize the video templates to match the content in the templates:For the video training content template, for the example video below, users choose a video option for the training template:Once you click the Add Video button, the training videos can be added to the page:You have to wait for the video to start before you

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