Which art therapy classes are you most likely to get?

More than 3 million people across the country are eligible to receive the Articulate and Escrow Training Classes, a new initiative launched by the Department of Health and Human Services to train teachers and other workers in the art therapy field. 

The Articulation and Escow Training Program is an initiative of the Office of Art Therapy Education (OTTE), which is part of the Department’s Art Therapy Office. 

“The art therapy profession has historically had one of the lowest levels of representation of women in the workforce,” said OTTE Chief Technology Officer Amy Gaskin.

“With more women in positions of power, it is imperative that the arts education profession be recognized as a worthy field of study for women.”

The Art Therapy Schools program will be taught by Articulated and Eschew Certified Art Therapy Teachers, as well as by experienced art therapists. 

OTTE’s Artistry School is part-funded by the Office for Science Education and Innovation, and is also open to the public. 

Art Therapy Schools classes will be available through the fall and spring semesters of 2019, and will be offered through the OTE’s Office of Education and Learning (OELL). 

“It’s not just about making sure there are enough trained professionals, but it’s about making those skills available to as many people as possible,” Gaskins said.

“These classes are designed to give our students an understanding of what it means to be an art therapist and help them understand how to be better equipped to be a better advocate.” 

Art therapy training classes are aimed at teaching students about the different roles and responsibilities of a therapist, as a professional, and as an artist. 

One of the programs focuses on “academic skills” such as speaking, writing, and speaking up. 

Another is focused on “emotional intelligence” such “creative writing, artistic presentation, and interpersonal communication.” 

The OTTE said that it wants to train educators to recognize the importance of “academically-driven, hands-on learning,” and also to recognize “acute skills that will help them be a valuable part of a team.” 

“When you get into the profession, you can’t just take a certification, you have to go to school,” Gafka said. 

More from The Washington Post: “I feel like I’m going to be in therapy,” she said.

“I’ve never been in therapy.

I don’t know if it’s going to happen to me, but I’ve never really thought about therapy as something that I’ve really been interested in.”

 “In my experience, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of therapy is just being in a room with a client and being able to make them feel better.

And I feel like, with my experience in therapy, that’s really what I want.” 

There are a number of different programs for teaching art therapy, including: The Artistic Therapy Certification Program (ACT), which teaches art therapy students about artistic expression, theory, and practice, and gives them the opportunity to apply their training to real-world problems and challenges.

The Advanced Art Therapy Certification (AATC), which offers students the opportunity in a full-time program to complete a six-month residency program in art therapy.

The Advanced Clinical Teaching Certificate Program (ATCC), which will allow students to complete two-year residencies.

Art Therapy Internships (ATIs), which provide art therapists with an internship in the field and provide them with a full day-care certificate.

This article has been updated to include comments from the Office at Arts.

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