ABC, Graco trainers and pokemon trainers teach a class in the middle of a storm

A group of Graco and ABC trainers were preparing to do a Pokemon trainer training class in a storm.

A video of the two trainers discussing how to get their pokemon to run into a tree has been shared on social media.

Graco trainers are known for their training methods that can be hard to follow, but they are good at teaching the basics and have some impressive tips on how to make the process more fun.

“I’ve always been a fan of training and trying to learn as many things as I can,” one Graco trainer told ABC News.

“I was always going to go into the field and try to find a trainer to teach me how to be a better trainer, how to go out in the field with the Pokemon, how the trainers work.”

Graco training techniquesThe video shows one of the trainers sitting down with a bag of food.

She holds a basket and tells the group that she has some snacks in the basket.

One of the gracies points at the bag of snacks and says: “I can teach you to do this.”

Gracies are known to spend a lot of time together and talk about things.

The Graco training class was scheduled to be held at the gym on Thursday.

The Gracies have been involved in a number of Pokemon trainers training classes over the years.

They started training Pokemon trainers in the 1980s.

During that time, they became famous for teaching their pokemon tricks such as charging at enemies and catching them in the air with their tail.

There is a gracie in the group who trains other gracys in the same way.

It’s believed that the graco trainer training program has been going on for decades, but it hasn’t been reported publicly.

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